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Meet Bernadette

Bernadette is an entrepreneur and expert in all things lawncare. Specializing in organic lawncare, she has transformed the lives of families and businesses through her work creating safer, more beautiful, and more natural lawns and gardens.

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Press & Podcast

In addition to being a featured expert in the press, Bernadette has a podcast show entitled "Finding Safeground" where she interviews influential and inspiring names in organics, gardening, lawncare, business, and more.

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Why Hire Bernadette?

Teaming up with Bernadette means having a grass whisperer right around the corner. Together with clients, Bernadette has made an incredible impact on the world and helped businesses grow and prosper through organics and intelligent social media strategies.

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Green GrassI’m Bernadette, an accredited organic land care professional.

 I’ve inspired hundreds of homeowners, communities and conventional landscapers to switch to an organic approach. Applying twenty-five years of experience and industry knowledge, I give people the confidence and tools to successfully convert to healthier land care.

Discover the benefits of organic:

  • Sustainable natural beauty
  • Health and well-being  
  • Peace of mind
  • Return on investment ($$)

And we’ll have fun doing it!

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